McAfee has constructed a global map, Mapping the Mal-Web, which indicates the international domains that pose the biggest threat to Web surfers.

The McAfee SiteAdvisor map, which will be updated monthly, surveyed 278 top-level domains and found that the riskiest domain for malware in the world is in the South Pacific island of Tokelau (.tk) where 10.1% of websites are likely to contain errant content. Of more recognisable, larger domains, Romania (.ro) and Russia (.ru) top the malware charts, with a 5.6% and 4.5% risk factor repectively.
The three safest domains, not surprisingly, are all Nordic countries. Finland (.fi) is the safest at 0.10%; Norway (.no) second safest at 0.16%; followed by Sweden (.se) at 0.21%.
The US (.us) features at number 20 on the survey and the UK (.uk) at 51.
South Africa (.za) does not feature on the map yet as less than 2 000 sites have been surveyed.
The map and the survey can be viewed at .