Pinnacle Micro has announced the local availability of Tandberg Data's StorageLoader LTO-3.

The LTO-3 tape autoloader offers enhanced capacity and performance with 6.4TB in only 1U, says JP Fourie, product manager: Pinnacle Storage.

"Combining the LTO-3 HH (Half-Height) drive with Tandberg's 1U tape autoloader offers customers high density and performance in the 1U autoloader space," he adds.

Fourie says that the StorageLoader was designed as an entry-level automated backup solution that combines high storage density and tape library features into the compact form of a tape autoloader.

The 1U autoloader will offer users a compressed storage capacity of up to 6.4TB, with transfer rates of up to 432GB/hr, in addition to the product's already built-in and known features and benefits, such as the removable magazines offering easy bulk loading and off site storage for disaster recovery (DR), he says.

The main technical enhancements of the StorageLoader LTO-3, in addition to doubling the capacity and performance, are the introduction of the ADI (JP, please put this in unabbreviated form for me) interface and LTO-3 tape format with standard WORM (Write Once Read Many) support.

"The WORM functionality will help users meet regulatory compliance requirements," says Fourie. "Government regulations such as SEC and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act have established guidelines on how long data be retained, kept secure and remain unaltered. The WORM functionality in the StorageLoader LTO-3 will offer users cost effective, long term archiving, allowing them to store unaltered data for decades."

The Tandberg StorageLoader is a proven platform, currently available with LTO-1 and -2 HH drives. It is designed for minimum downtime and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The tape drive, power supply and fans are all field replaceable, without having to remove the autoloader from the rack.

"Further, the StorageLoader's metal construction provides a reliable and rugged solution for long term operation and its multi-lingual web-based remote management will allow for easy system monitoring."

The StorageLoader has a unique cartridge load design with two 4-slot removable magazines, which may be ejected by using the front panel interface. Convenient labelling of the eight data cartridges in the two magazines provides labelled media and controlled storage for quick, convenient and accurate off-site storage. To facilitate DR plans, bulk loading and off-site storage is simplified for increased security and convenience.

"As businesses are challenged by exponential data growth, limited backup windows, regulatory requirements and limited resources, the need for affordable backup solutions continues to grow," says Fourie.

"The entry- and mid-range tape automation market is predicted to continue to grow and the LTO technology will continue to be the dominating technology used in mid-range autoloaders and tape libraries. The StorageLoader platform is tailored for the industry standard LTO technology and will continue to evolve with the LTO roadmap in the years to come."