In a project set to change market perceptions around the cost and complexity of installing an enterprise resource planning solution in small to medium sized firms, SMB Solutions has implemented SAP Business One in Internet Service Provider Ensync Business Solutions’ within two months, at a cost significantly less than that required to implement a purely financial integrated solution with CRM and billing functions.

Entailing a small user count solution so unique that Ensync opted to retain the intellectual property surrounding it, the project included standard SAP Business One modules and a custom billing system, as well as the ERP solutions now being added to the system.

“As a business that has doubled our annual growth year on year for the past three years, we reached the point where our existing accounting software simply could no longer meet our needs in terms of development support, which prompted us to search internationally for a more comprehensive solution,” explains Eduard du Plessis, MD of Ensync. “Once SMB Solutions had demonstrated SAP Business One to us, we knew without a doubt that it would be the only affordable solution that could meet our specific requirements.”

Following a two-month implementation period, SMB Solutions supported Ensync in the creation of a recurring billing solution, using the standard SAP Business One software development kit.

“People often use the term ‘adding value’ lightly, but if you consider that this custom software solution reduced our monthly billing run from a three-day process involving two employees to a two-hour process requiring only one employee, that’s when you can really talk about added value,” Du Plessis says. “Apart from the unrivalled flexibility offered by SAP and the fact that we will never be able to outgrow their software, the support from SMB Solutions has been outstanding – without them we could not have achieved this massive enhancement to the way in which this company is operated.

“I am not aware of any other software solution available to medium-sized firms that can guarantee that your actual and billed purchases are 100% correlated, especially in an industry where you are selling something as intangible as Internet access and services,” he adds. “Because service is the only differentiating factor in our field, the ability to quickly and accurately carry out billing is central to our success. At any time, I can request our balance sheet from the system and it will be 100% up to date, accurate and transparent.”

“SAP Business One is a no-brainer for fast growing medium-sized companies,” says Du Plessis. “The only requirement is that you as owner or manager of the business understand your needs going forward, in the same way that we have to fully understand a client’s business model before we design their network for them. With an experienced and supportive partner like SMB Solutions to implement the software and add value, going the Business One route puts one miles ahead of your competitors.”