Specialist IT component distributor Asbis Africa has announced that it has limited exclusive availability of Seagate’s recently announced range of desktop mass storage drives, dubbed the FreeAgent Data Movers.

Available in capacities ranging upwards from 80GB, the FreeAgent storage range is an easily purchased and installed solution for complete home or small office backups, creating extended capacity and shared storage on the network – and with its Internet file sharing capability, can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The range includes the FreeAgent Pro Data Mover, which provides access to content from anywhere, easy sharing with anyone, and the ability to sync to almost anything. The FreeAgent Go Family is a portable storage device which is ready to travel, and FreeAgent Desktop is ideal for storage of photos, games, movies, music and documents.

With the data explosion being experienced by corporate entities and consumers alike, Wade Calenborne, ASBIS Africa chief executive officer, points out that significant opportunity is created for the channel.

“While much has been made of the corporate market, a massive opportunity lies in the home and SME market, which to date has not yet been serviced. As such, the availability of a set of solutions such as the Seagate FreeAgent is an exciting prospect for us as a distributor as well as for our resellers.”

Calenborne notes that with broadband connectivity becoming increasingly affordable, combined with the low cost of PCs, digital cameras, music players and other media devices, homes and small offices are experiencing a data explosion and suffering with the resultant data overload.

“FreeAgent solves this problem without requiring any technical expertise; this is of particular benefit to this market which typically does not have the knowledge, time or inclination to fit additional storage capacity to a PC.”

This attribute also makes the sale of FreeAgent a quick and easy one for the reseller, while the recognised quality and reliability of Seagate products obviates support calls.

Furthermore, the FreeAgent range includes an aspect which is increasingly important to consumers of computer products – that of design and aesthetic appearance. “The FreeAgent devices look good and desktop versions feature an ultra slim form, with base mounted cables to keep your desk free of clutter.”

It doesn’t add any further noise to the office either, with attention to detail including silent design.

The devices are also supplied with automated backup and restore, and disk management software which allows for easy options such as managing multiple drives, launching system rollback and accessing online storage through the Internet, which provides for easy over-the-Web file sharing.

The software also caters for popular music players – it will automatically backup an iPod, and also allows for backup to a Flash drive or other network drive.

Connectivity is through USB and eSATA (external Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) and Dual FireWire 400s.

“Peace of mind when it comes to data is of course paramount. As such, these devices are supplied with a five-year Limited Warranty from Seagate. These are great products which we believe will be a big seller for our resellers,” Calenborne concludes.