Mustek CEO, David Kan, has dismissed rumours that the company's flagship – Mecer – is about to be sold as "pure speculation".


He did admit, though, that the company was mulling over BEE prospects regarding the company.
"The previous BEE we did was with the holding company," Kan says. "This time round, we want to do it at an operational division level."
But Kan stressed that the financial credentials of any prospective BEE partner would have to be of the highest order.
"To get management support for such a deal, we would want to know where a partner gets their finance," Kan says. "If they are simply borrowing from a bank, it puts the company in danger straight away. Banks get nervous and just the repayment of interest would kill the company.
"We have to be responsible in this regard – not only to shareholders, but also to more than 600 employees."
Kan says it is in the nature of the industry to speculate on the prospects of various companies.
"There will always be people talking," he says. "But while we may have been approached by two groups, there are no numbers on the table, no commitment, so we won't take them too seriously."