Following the announcement that Mustek has acquired 100% of major local distributor Rectron, chief executive Mark Lu is distinctly upbeat about the company's future.

Lu says that the deal with Mustek will not only boost the distributor's standing when dealing with international vendors, but will also give it the financial injection it needs to pursue new lines of business.
"The backing of Mustek will makes things a lot easier for us when dealing with vendors and banks," Lu says. "It will also give us a lot more flexibility in terms of what we want to do in the market and fund the future growth that we're planning."
Lu says that the financial muscle it now has doesn't necessarily mean that it is now going to hit the acquisition trail with a vengeance.
"We aren't specifically looking at acquisitions, but should the opportunity arise we won't dismiss it," Lu says.
He says the main focus of Rectron at present is in identifying new business opportunities and ensuring it becomes a significant player in these.
"There are a lot of areas we want to look at," he says. "There is the prospect of increasing coverage of certain vendors, there is the cellular market, there is the gaming market.
"We now have the resources to plan things in these areas."