Rectron and LG turn fantasy into reality

Thanks to the recent distribution agreement signed between Rectron and LG Electronics, the South African market is soon to be awash in Liquid Crystal Display monitors that boast superior design and performance.

These new LCD monitors from LG are a dramatic departure from traditional, bulky CRT monitors that many of us have grown accustomed to staring into for days, months and in some cases years at a time. Many will agree that it’s high time someone designed better looking, performance enhanced monitors considering how much time the average person spends in front of a computer screen.

LG has taken that idea one step further and designed monitors that double as high contrast TV screens with built-in technology that ensures the image quality on LG’s monitors is clearer, crisper and brighter than their competitors, due to the fact that LG’s monitors have an unbelievable contrast ratio of 2000:1 – the highest contrast ratio available to the world today.

The two main LG monitor brands that Rectron will be distributing are the “Fantasy” series and the Flatron series. The Fantasy series offers a lightening fast response time of 4 milliseconds, as well as crisp and clear images that are generated via the monitor’s built-in f-engine, an impressive feat for a monitor that boasts an ultra slim depth of 18mm.

The “Fantasy” series provides 3 types of stands with a black and white colour selection and a luxurious glossy finish for the final touch to allow consumers to choose the style best suited to their environment.

The new Flatron LCD monitors (the L60TQ and LX70H series) are targeted at high-end design-orientated customers who are in the market for a monitor that not only boasts cutting edge technology, but is an aesthetic masterpiece to boot.

In fact, the Flatron L1960TQ (from the L60TQ series) won the Reddot Design Award in 2006, which is one of Europe’s most prestigious design awards because of its slim, sleek body and glossy finish.

Both the L60TQ and LX70H series LCD monitors operate in ‘Movie Mode’, which is optimised for maximum brightness. Combine this feature with a lightning fast response time of 4ms in the L60TQ series and an even more impressive 2ms in the LX70H series and the result is a monitor that is perfect for gamers who are looking for a monitor that delivers fast motion images with sharp image clarity, while ensuring a perfect contrast ratio without ghosting effects.

Lastly, the LX70H series is designed with an advanced dual-hinged stand with tilt, height and folding functions, which is a nifty feature for anyone in need of a monitor with portable functionality. This portable functionality also extends to the 19-inch L1970HR unit, and all monitors in the LX70H series feature the ‘Forte Manager’, which allows users the ability to quickly adjust the quality of the image displayed on the monitors with a simple click of the mouse.