Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are set to learn valuable lessons in best-practices relating to the infrastructure, tools, information and communications technology that make them competitive. 

This year's SME Survey, being conducted by World Wide Worx, will focus on the enabling environment and should provide a guideline the emerging companies can use to improve their own chances of success.
Last year's survey showed that the most competitive SMEs are those which spend between 2% and 3% of their revenue on IT and have a fast Internet connection.
This year's survey will focus on the specific role that various elements play in making SMEs more competitive. These include IT resources, human resources, financial resources, business services, marketing and sales, and government services.
The majority of SMEs are unaware of the existence or role of incubation schemes but most would make use of these services if they could.
A snap survey towards the end of 2006 shows that almost half of all South African SMEs are accepting of the idea of BEE and are making plans to include it in their businesses.