Internet Solution is making a bold bid for the consumer market, as the infrastructure behind Incredible Connection's new ISP offering Incredible Live (iLive). 

The ISP was launched yesterday evening and will be available to the retailer's customers from 1 April.
Incredible Connection will sell the boxed ISP connection pack, while Internet Solutions provides the complete internet infrastructure,and Branded Internet supplies the ISP management systems, support call centre and overall customer management.
Bruce Henderson, GM: broadband at Internet Solutions, says: “This deal is an incredible opportunity for us because it has opened new markets for Internet Solutions. IS has traditionally focused more on the corporate market and partnered with our channel partners to gain penetration into the consumer and SMME sectors. By partnering with Incredible Connection we are now able to deliver our tried and tested services to a massive consumer market."
He adds that Internet Solution's long-term plan is to grow and entrench the consumer market.
"We are also looking for value-added services for Incredible Connection to package in with the base solution. These include a one stop bundle which could incorporate security and VoIP type services, with the traditional Incredible Connection offerings. From the outset it is important to concentrate on the consumer bandwidth offering, with a view to provide further value-added services in the future."
There were many reasons for Incredible Connection’s decision to become an ISP.
The company wanted to change its business model because it realised that as once a computer was sold, the customer walked out the door; also, sales staff found that signing up a client with an ISP was laborious and time-consuming. Apart from clients having a pick-up-and-go option, Incredible Connection is now in a position of retaining ownership of the relationship with their customer.
Dave Hirsch, merchandise director at Incredible Connection, says: “We are very excited to be launching our own ISP product. iLive will be completely customer focused and an added benefit to our customers.”
iLive, will be offered at a competitive price. A customer-friendly feature is the ADSL soft cap option which enables users to still surf local Internet sites – even if they have reached their monthly limit.
iLive has a dedicated portal,, which provides customers with a range of online features and services, including the option of subscribing to iLive online. This also means that they don’t have to go into a store to purchase the product.
There are 12 different offerings which include dial up, ADSL and ISDN. Over and above this, there is a discount voucher booklet, with an array of traditional product discounts inside each box such as PC’s, notebooks and consumables.
Lance Terner, CEO of Branded Internet, says Incredible Connection is the first client that will be using his company's ADSL self install software (Syncro).
"Now that Telkom is making ADSL self installation available to consumers, they can save over R400 on their installation. This is an ISP industry first," he says.
Syncro is available for dial-up users as well.