ProScan Systems has released its pocket-sized, Windows powered Datalogic Memor mobile computer.

The Datalogic Memor, with its reduced dimensions and weight, is an extremely cost-effective device designed to excel in retail markets and light industrial environments such as warehouse management, inventory, picking and shipping.

Combining integrated barcode reading and wireless communication capabilities (IEEE 802.15 Bluetooth® or IEEE 802.11 b/g), the Memor also takes full advantage of Windows CE 5.0, running on an Intel XScale microprocessor with state-of-the-art architecture for rapid computing and low power consumption.

The Memor’s QVGA 65K colour standard display provides extra brightness and superlative clarity, making this device compatible and easy-to-use in a day-to-day environment. The touch screen function adds further convenience to the package. An intuitive phone-like keyboard makes the Memor user-friendly and provides access to a complete set of alphanumeric characters while the joystick can be used to select items and enter information. The Memor is 100% compatible with QVGA software, even without Windows resizing.

In addition to a 64Mb + 128Mb on-board memory capacity, the user-accessible Secure Digital card slot expands the storage capacity of the device, satisfying requirements for all applications and data. Designed for single-handed use, the meticulous attention to detail and ergonomics of the Memor illustrates the Datalogic dedication to practical, innovative construction.

Standard connectors on the base of the terminal make direct connection possible for power supply and data communication. The mini-USB cable and compact power supply are provided with the terminal making the Memor flexible and ready to use straight out of the box. For additional application needs, a dedicated cradle is available which includes a slot for spare battery recharging.

Andrew Fosbrook, MD of ProScan, South Africa’s premier distributor of the Datalogic handheld range of barcode readers, says: "The Datalogic Memor’s numerous feature list, lightweight sturdy construction and full Datalogic software compatibility make it the answer toward enhancing business opportunity, satisfying every mobile application need.”