It seems that reports of its demise may have been premature: despite exhibitors taking up 10% less space than last year, more visitors than ever have flocked to the industry showcase. 

By the end of the weekend, more than 200 000 visitors had signed in – an increase of 10% over visitor numbers during the same period last year.
Significantly, exhibitors had already signed orders worth more than 5-billion Euros in the exhibition's first three days.
More than 6 100 exhibitors from 77 countries – the most ever represented at CeBit – are showcasing a comprehensive range of solutions for business, the public sector and the consumer until Wednesday.
Exhibition organisers have recognised a marked shift in the character of business in the digital world, with consulting, information transfer and networking become increasingly important. Reacting to the shift, the CeBit program now features more conferences and lectures, with about 1 000 events of this kind planned.