Esquire Technologies has introduced the Intellinet GuestGate that provides guests/clients with instant internet access while keeping the enterprise network secure.

Hotel guests will be able to access the internet from your conference room, offices or other places of business, without compromising the security of your network or their information.

Guests will no longer have to “reconfigure” their laptops to access the internet through your network; they are able to log in using a company-provided user name and password.

GuestGate automatically adjusts to the guest’s computer’s TCP/IP settings making it an easy task for your IT department to accommodate. It also detects the host network’s settings and automatically configures the Internet access. You are also able to control the amount of bandwidth allowed used to each guest.

The system works by assigning different random networks to each client; this is provided through Layer 3 Client Isolation technology that ensures that no connection between guest computers can be established even if they are connected via a wireless access point.

GuestGate also protects the guest’s computers from unauthorised access through the internet, helping to prevent their computer from being attacked while connected to the internet through your LAN.

It also allows companies to personalise the service by providing your own company welcome screen, which can be used as customised advertising and allows the option to define the terms and conditions including any liability disclaimers, requiring guests to agree before they proceed. Most importantly, it can be used to assure guests that the internet access is safe and secure.