Many a (now middle-aged) rebel will well remember adult movie icon Ron Jeremy from those grainy, smuggled video tapes of bygone decades – you remember the ones –  shakily inserted into ageing Betamax machines after midnight, on mute and with a leery eye on constant lookout for the vice squad. Well, it seems he is now turning his hand to becoming a technology correspondent. 

The Inquirer says that Jeremy will make his debut on 5 April as a weekly technology reviewer on a magazine called with a programme called Techsmart.
The 54 year-old star will offer his opinion on the latest gadgets and will not report on anything to do with his former career, says the Inq, adding that while Techsmart will be a comedy, Jeremy really is going to do serious reviews.
As Jeremy says, when you are a chunky ex-porn star with more chins than a Chinese phone book, you have to do something with your life.
Having read this report, we can't help wondering what the chances are of a chunky tech reporter doing the reverse. We know there are a few hopefuls out there.