Listing South Africa 42nd in the world in terms of malicious activity and 34th for the number of phishing hosts in its latest Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec has warned the 2010 soccer World Cup hosts to prepare for a deluge of threats during the actual tournament.

The security firm hints that South Africa could be dramatically pushed up the rankings during the soccer extravaganza as it has noted a distinct increase in phishing activity during major holidays and major sporting events such as the World Cup.
"As 2010 draws closer, South Africans are likely to increasingly use the Internet to search for news updates and travel packages to games, as well as correspond with friends and family, placing themselves at great risk," says Patrick Evans, regional director of Symantec Africa. "To that end, South Africans need to have an understanding of the various software tools that hackers commonly use in their cybercrime activities.
"The Internet Security Threat Report provides enterprises and consumers with the information they need to effectively secure their systems now and in the future."