iBurst has upped the ante in the broadband market and now offers data packages with prices as low as 12 cents per Megabyte. 



From 1 April, iBurst customers will have access to packages from as little as R149.00 per month. The service is up to three times faster than 3G and 17-times faster than dial-up.
iBurst will launch five new packages in addition to adding up to 50%  of free value to existing data packages.
Data Bonus was made available to all 24-month contract customers from 1 March, and will now be extended to all month-to-month customers as of 1 April 2007.
This means all new and existing customers will receive an additional 500Mb on ‘Play‘ packages and 200Mb for ‘Pro’ packages, at no additional cost.
The barrier to entry for broadband will be lowered with the introduction of a new package called Play Intro offering 200Mb of data at R149.00 per month. Including a USB or laptop modem takes the monthly subscription to R179.