South Africa is facing a serious IT skills deficit, largely through a lack of training. 

Peter Denny, a director of IT Intellect, explains that South Africa has a huge shortage of the correct levels of IT skills.
"We are not seeing a big enough inflow into the economy of IT and engineering graduates. This is a serious problem and I believe it is getting worse."
Denny adds that South African schools needs to push science and technology more forcibly to cater to upcoming needs.
"There has to be a more concerted focus on this," he says. "There are just not enough young adults coming out of school with the ability to move on into the tertiary level and undertake IT, engineering,or science-focused degrees or diplomas.
"This is a serious problem for our economy. We are also losing skills to overseas countries as young people opt to leave the country to work overseas, due to perceived higher levels of employment, overall opportunities and, frankly, considered safety factors."