Hewlett-Packard, which pioneered the living-room form factor with its Digital Entertainment Center (DEC), has pulled the plug on the line. 

According to CE Pro, HP will now focus its attention on MediaSmart, the new brand of TVs with digital media adapters built in – not Microsoft Media Center Extenders that link Media Centers with remote TVs, but HP's own solution for distributing photos, music, video and other content (including Web-based) to the TV.
HP channel development manager, Doug Robert, considered one of the key drivers of DEC at HP, says: "This not a statement about Media Center PCs. It doesn't mean Media Center isn't going to be successful. It's just that we're discontinuing development.
"Even at big companies, there are resource constraints."
HP launched DEC in conjunction with the first generation of Microsoft's Media Center Edition (MCE), CE Pro says, investing heavily in the platform and becoming the world's biggest seller of MCE products.