Users could be missing out on the full Vista experience, because they haven't implemented the hardware that best suits it. 

“Users need to be aware that to experience the ultimate brilliance of Windows Vista you need appropriate technology,” says Kobus de Beer, desktop processors & motherboards product manager at Axiz.
He adds that some things simply belong together and cites Windows Vista and Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor as a good example.
He says the combination offers users improved performance, impressive entertainment and the power to do more than ever before: “This happens when superior design meets innovative technology,” says De Beer.
Users can get so much more out of their PCs by combining these two technologies.  An example is a 40% improvement in performance. Users can do more at once with effortless multi-tasking and also find documents in a flash with the combined speed of the Intel Core 2 Duo processors and the dynamic search capabilities of Windows Vista.
Enhanced graphics is always important to users at all computing levels.  De Beer says that by combining Nvidia’s new GeForce® 8800 graphics processors with Windows Vista, users can redefine their gaming reality:  “What makes this processor so significant is that it is the world’s first DirectX® 10 GPU and it features a powerful unified architecture that delivers an incredibly true-to-life gaming experience.”
De Beer says that focus on the correct GPU is important when using Windows Vista because of Microsoft’s huge leap forward in visual sophistication.  “Vista’s new 3D Aero™ UI builds on familiar Windows elements like the start menu and task bar, but adds new visual effect such as a transparent, glass-like interface.
The big difference is that the Aero graphics engine displays vector graphics rather than drawing the screen using bitmaps.  This new look, however exciting, needs more than the usual graphics built into the motherboard if you really want to see it as it was fully intended,” De Beer adds.