The US could be slipping from its leadership position in science and technology. 

The AeA (previously the American Electronics Association) has released a report that the country's position is being eroded by mistakes and missteps.
It points out the the US is facing heightened competition from countries like South Korea – which now has more engineering undergraduates than the US – as well as China and Japan.
The report recommends opening up immigration and giving green cards to US-educated professionals.
It also warns that more needs to be done regarding mathematics education at all school levels.
Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, recently issued similar warnings in a Senate Committee hearing on US competitiveness.
Gates shared his amxiety that the US's leadership position in the world economy could be eroded unless intervention takes place now.
"Any discussion of competitiveness in the 21st century must begin by recognising the central role that technology and innovation play in today's economy," Gates told the Committee. "The US has a great deal to be proud of in this respect. Many of the most important advances in computing, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, and many other fields have originated here.
"First, we must equip America's students and workers with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today's knowledge economy.
"Second, we need to reform our immigration policies for high skilled workers so that we can be sure our workforce includes the world's most talented people.
"And third, we need to provide a foundation for future innovation by investing in new ideas and providing a framework for capturing their value."