YouTube, the popular video posting site, has carried graphic images of a drug-related interrogation and beheading. 

The five-minute video was posted on the sharing portal on Friday (it has since been removed) and not only shows an alleged drug cartel hit man being executed, but calls on Mexicans to kill other gang members.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the video appeared as rival Mexican gangs Gulf and Sinaloa gangs wage a bloody battle for trafficking routes; and President Felipe Calderon is taking on organised crime by sending troops sent to drug-plagued areas.
A written message: "Do something for your country, kill a Zeta!" opens the video. It is understood that Zetas are ex-army operatives serving as hit men for Mexico's Gulf cartel.
The video shows a man bound to a chair and interrogated about the muder of five policemen and two secretaries in Acapulco in February. When he admits participation he is executed.
The video could be a response from a vigilante group to videotaped killings released by Mexican drug traffickers.