Google chief executive Eric Schmidt may only take home a dollar a year in salary, but his personal security cost the search giant's shareholders $532 755 last year. 

The New York Times reports that, according to a SEC regulatory filing this week, Schmidt was paid a salary of $1 and a holiday bonus of $1 723 last year. He also received $22 456 to offset taxes due to a perk whereby a Google-chartered aircraft was used by family members and friends.
The report says that Google’s co-founders, Sergey Brin, president of technology, and Larry Page, president of products, earned the same salary and bonus as Schmidt. Page received an additional $36 795 for transportation, logistics and personal security.
But before tongues start clucking in sympathy, the trio can well afford their meagre salaries and bonuses. The filing goes on to report that as of 1 March, Schmidt owned about 10.7-million shares worth more than $5-billion; Brin has 28.6-million shares valued at more than $13.5-billion; and Page has 29.2-million shares at a value of about $13.7-billion.