Bytes Technology Group has been named South Africa's most empowered listed ICT company in the 2007 Financial Mail / Empowerdex Top Empowerment Companies rankings.

The company moved up four rankings in the ICT sector and, with an overall BEE score of 66.90, topped a list that includes MTN, Business Connexion, Telkom and Mustek. In the overall index, Bytes’ position improved by two places from tenth in 2006 to number eight this year.
"Bytes as a group has invested a lot of time, money and effort in our BEE strategy. Our empowerment partnership with Kagiso enabled us to get ahead of the pack, and other moves, such as having our own internal training company so that we can run learnerships, have kept us there," says Skip Franzsen, Bytes' human resources and transformation manager. "What is more important is that we believe the Bytes position at a procurement level four or better is fully sustainable in the medium-term."
Companies in the survey are ranked according to a set of criteria, including ownership, employment equity, skills development, preferential procurement, enterprise development and CSI initiatives. The scores for each category are added together to get a final BEE score.
"Our enterprise development and CSI initiatives have always been a big focus for the group and this has paid off in our final score," says Franzsen. "In CSI, for example, we have many ongoing projects in which we work at bridging the digital divide in education at underprivileged schools. We have adopted, or are working with, 16 schools across the country, providing them with technology and skills transfer to use this technology.
"If we can’t make a difference as a leading IT company with computer technology in education, who can?"
Franzsen says Bytes will look to consolidate on its position as an empowerment leader.
"There is always room for improvement," he says. "We will be looking to better our numbers in areas where we did not score highly, and continue to grow in areas where we are already doing well."