Two multifunctional speaker sets have been added to Trust's Made for iPod range of products. 

The Sound & Radio Station for iPod SP-2991Wi and the Trust Alarm Clock Radio for iPod SP-2993Wi are now available through Workgroup and Pinnacle.
The SP-2991Wi is a stereo speaker set with an integrated digital AM/FM radio and an LCD screen for displaying the frequency. This speaker set has an output of 20 Watt RMS to ensure full sound and it can also be used to download files from a PC or notebook without having to connect any extra cables.
Arno Fourie, Trust product manager says that there is no longer any reason to be late thanks to the SP-2993Wi, a 4-in-1 radio alarm clock that has been specifically designed for the iPod and offers an impressive output of 30 Watt RMS.
"This alarm function can be set to play music from an iPod, to pay a specific radio station or to sound a buzzer," he says. "The device has an LCD screen with blue lighting and an integrated dimmer function, so that users can easily operate the radio alarm clock in the dark."
Both sound stations offer the same functionality of a docking station, which means it is possible to recharge the iPod, play music or view images on a TV via the video output. Both sets allow the iPod to be operated using the compact, wireless remote control.
As everything is included in the package, it is not necessary to buy extra converters or cables to connect to Trust Sound Stations.