Sun Microsystems is already moving on a recent announcement to begin marketing its processors to other vendors. 

CEO Jonathan Schwartz says the company has signed a deal with Marvell Technology to license them the core intellectual property in its Neptune ASIC.
"They'll take it from here, add their own innovations, and turn the results into derivative products for the open market," he says.
Meanwhile, the company has received the first prototypes of its new UltraSparc chip, codenamed Rock.
According to Schwartz, the new processor will allow Sun to build systems supporting 256Tb in a single software domain.
"Rock is 16 cores – we haven't said how many threads per core," he adds. "Nor have we said why this chip heralds the golden age of effortless parallel programming, or how it brings fault tolerance to the masses. But stay tuned, I think we're planning on talking up both in the next few weeks."