South African figures aren't yet available for the sale of Microsoft's new flagship operating system Vista, but if the world's biggest emerging market – China – is anything to go by, expect them to be sluggish, extremely sluggish. In the period 19 January to 2 February, only 244 legitimate copies of Vista were sold in the world's most populous nation. says that despite Microsoft spending millions of dollars on advertising, including a 421-metre high billboard in Shanghai, Vista's chief distributor in Beijing reported only 244 sales. It is not known how many pirated copies abound in the country, but it's reported that these sell for a mere $1 a piece.
Locally, it's not known what the uptake of Vista has been since its launch, but considering that one of the country's leading OEMs is still selling pre-loaded XP at a ratio of 80% to 20% against Vista, and the listless statement from a local Microsoft exec that "the Press has over-hyped Vista", it's not expected to be much better than China.