Microsoft might be coy about when it intends launching the eagerly-awaited service pack (SP1) for Vista, but in a press conference this week Intel CEO, Paul Otellini looks to have let the cat out of the bag.

Computerworld reports that, during an earnings conference call, Otellini toed the party line when asked about Vista's impact on Intel's sales by saying the company, like others, was "doing some pilots and testing."
But then came the giveaway on a possible launch date for Vista SP1: "But the [Vista] deployment [in enterprises] will actually happen when the Service Pack gets released in the fourth quarter time frame, probably the October-November time frame," said Otellini.
Even after Otellini's supposed faux pas, Microsoft still refused to confirm or deny a release date, though.
"It's too early to provide any firm date range for SP1's delivery," Computerworld reports a Microsoft spokeswoman as saying. "We will continue to take customer feedback from programs like the TAP and will ultimately determine an official delivery date as the service pack is nearer to completion."
We feel the lady doth protest too much?