Carl Kleynhans has been named as regional director: Africa (including Indian Ocean islands and French-speaking Caribbean) at APC-MGE. 

Schneider Electric recently completed its acquisition of APC (American Power Conversion) and the newly-formed organisation is now finalised its management team.
Laurent Vernerey has been appointed as president and CEO of APC-MGE.
 The combined operations of APC and MGE UPS Systems have well balanced geographical positions, strong innovation capabilities and unparalleled access to market channels.
Kleynhans comments: “As separate concerns, both APC and MGE had proven reputations within the power protection and cooling sector. As a single entity, APC-MGE is a powerful combination, offering our customers a broad selection of solutions and services, bringing together a strong service organisation and solid technologies.”
Kleynhans explains that APC-MGE has developed its global strategy to promote decision-making at the country-level as well as a stronger focus on local strategies and market needs, critical points for Africa.
“After a short period of running the Middle East and African (MEA) as one region, APC-MGE’s decision to split the Middle East and Africa into two separate concerns will also result in the strongest possible focus for each marketplace,” he says.
With branches dispersed throughout the African region, he believes that local users and partners will experience a strongly augmented level of service across the continent, as well as major increases in sales support resources due to the combination of APC and MGE human resources.
He is also currently meeting existing management teams across the continent and is excited by the synergies seen across the two organisations. “We are ready to embrace the new flexibilities and challenges of APC-MGE in Africa and believe that the ‘think global, act local’ mentality of APC-MGE will be greatly empowering to the local market.”
Kleynhans joined APC in 1998, and during his tenure looked after regions including Southern Africa, the whole of Africa (including the Indian Ocean islands and French-speaking Africa) up to Middle East and Africa (MEA) prior to his new appointment. While he headed up APC’s MEA development operations, Kleynhans  focused on building and managing senior-level relationships with enterprise and top reseller business, localising and implementing APC’s business and channel strategies and ensuring the growth of revenue and APC market share within the MEA market.