The Royal Bafokeng Nation (RBN) has has awarded technology partners Bytes Systems Integration and Microsoft, the ERP component of its Royal Bafokeng Administration's (RBA) ICT and knowledge management project. 

The Nation has made several announcements in recent months with regards to its plans to transform itself from a resource dependent entity to a knowledge based one, and critical to its success is the investment into technologies which can facilitate this process.
Starting with its administration department, the RBN will be kitted out with a new ERP solution which would tie all of the Nations existing systems into a single platform, in order to better manage and track business processes as a whole.
Rabelani Dagada, manager of ICT & knowledge management for RBN, says: “The signing of this contract marks a new era for the RBN, as we believe technology to be the key enabler, which will see us being able to consolidate the administration of all of our services to our people. We view the use of technology as the glue which binds our organisation together, enabling us to share information and make more effective use of the resources at our disposal.”
The ERP solution will be rolled out across the entire administration department of the RBN, which intends to make use of all of the existing AX modules, including but not limited to: project accounting, human resources, billing, CRM, supply chain management and financials. The aim of which is to streamline all service delivery efforts of the RBA and provide more effective use of exiting information across the entire department.
The RBN has made several announcements with regards to its technology initiatives in recent months and while the ERP component is a large chunk of its ICT & knowledge management project, the project also includes document and contract management systems.
Dagada adds: “We want to shape or own future as we steer towards a new course for the Bafokeng people, where they can take advantage of knowledge as power and no longer merely rely on the resource riches of their land.”