Internet Protocol television (IPTV) could be available before the end of next year, with the physical network the only stumbling block still in its way. 

Telkom Media's Chris van Zyl explains that it's avery bandwidth-intensive service and will rely on Telkom rolling out its ADSL 2 network.
The company demonstrated IPTV on Friday and is confident it will have the service available as soon as the infrastructure can handle it.
Unlike the current ADSL connection, IPTV won't be subject to a download cap, alhtough users will have to pay both a connection fee to Telkom and a service fee to the content provider. The content portion will probably come in at about R320.00 per month, says Van Zyl.
He stresses that IPTV is not Web-based TV, but high-definition TV (HDTV) over copper cable. The technology is expected to help drive the uptake of HDTV overall.
In the future, users will be able to use their ADSL 2 connections for a range of services including voice, television and video-on-demand as well as Internet access.
Telkom Media plans to roll out a number of content services, including an entry-level pay-TV over satellite option that will offer six channel at about R100.00 per month.
Another service will probably be video-on-demand, where users can download a specific video, for a fee, which times out after a specified time period.
Telkom Media also plans to offer online services such as Web-TV and premium ISP services. However, these are predicated upon it receiving a licence from ICASA, which could take anything from three months to two years.