Internet Solutions (IS has been awarded the ability to register domains directly with ICANN, making IS the only network service provider in Africa to be able to do so. 

ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the international body responsible for the allocation of IP addresses, top level domain management (such as .com and .info) and country code system management.
ICANN tracks and manages the issuing of all IP addresses and ensures that the domain name system (DNS) allows users to resolve domain names into IP addresses.
In essence, ICANN allows the Internet user to remember a website name instead of its IP address. It also makes sure that there are no “crossed-wires”, and that the correct IP addresses are allocated to the correct organisations.
Mark Strathmore, manager: access solutions at IS, says: “We are so used to typing domain names into our browsers that we often do not realise that a company’s domain is very much part of their brand and identity.
"Many companies register multiple domains both to cover a diverse product set, as well as to prevent reputational risk associated with other entities 'squatting' on a domain that sounds or looks similar.  Previously, companies (or individuals wishing to register a domain) would have to go through several intermediaries in order to register domains. This added complexity, cost and time to the process. IS can now address all three of these areas by directly providing domains on behalf of ICANN.
“Anyone who has ever requested more IP addresses will understand the complexity in terms of being issued additional IP address space. Also, we are developing a web interface to this service which will make both the application and management process significantly easier,” he adds.