Axis Communications has released the AXIS 247S, a high-performance single channel video encoder that measures just 98 x 99 x 41mm, ideal for integrating analogue cameras where a discreet installation requiring minimal space is needed.

“The server’s small size allows it to be placed close to an analogue camera even where there are space constraints, such as in retail stores, government buildings or bank offices, minimising analogue signal degradation and simplifying installation whilst bringing the benefits of digital video,” says Roy Alves, Country Manager for Axis Communications South Africa. The AXIS 247S supports PoE (Power over Ethernet), with a power out connection for the analogue camera, making the total installation significantly simpler as no separate power cabling is needed.

Analogue video is converted to high quality, de-interlaced video at up to 30fps in 4CIF (704 x 576) resolution which is available in simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 for optimal transmission quality and bandwidth tuning. “The 247S brings all the benefits of digital technology, perfect for installations where analogue fixed cameras need to be integrated into IP Video surveillance systems,” adds Alves.

The encoder provides powerful event management with multi-window motion detection, audio monitoring and triggering (with external microphone) and I/O for connecting devices such as sensors and external relays to activate lights or door strikes. Pre- and post-alarm image buffering secures images just before and after an alarm.

Advanced network features include support for Quality of Service (QoS), which enables reservation of network capacity and prioritization of mission-critical surveillance in a QoS-aware network, and IPv6 in addition to the standard IPv4 as insurance against the growing shortage of IPv4 addresses.

The AXIS 247S is supported by AXIS Camera Station video management software, which offers remote video monitoring, recording and playback.