Intel Solutions Summit, Paris: Intel has revealed details of its low-cost integrated desktop board solution for emerging market PCs, set to spur the production of sub-$299 PCs. 

Designed specifically to address the high-growth, low price segment of the PC market, the Intel Desktop Board D20GLY is available this month (April) and is widely expected to make PCs more affordable for the masses.
The "sub entry-level" (or low-cost PC) marketplace is rapidly growing from a small, niche segment in emerging markets into a worldwide market with significant demand.
"The first 1-billion PC users in the world was reached in 2005 and we're looking to reach the next 1-billion," says Intel's Chris Tobias.
"So what have we got to do to enable this? Basically, it's all about basic computing; connectivity; learning and education; and ease of use."
The low-cost, but powerful, solution will help PC manufacturers position themselves for rising demand in emerging markets as well as in the price-sensitive education, basic computing and connectivity PC market segments worldwide.
It provides a motherboard with an integrated Intel Celeron Processor 215 that establishes an aggressive price:performance point.
"Going forward, these kinds of computers will account for 60% of TAM by the years 2010," says Tobias. "To target this segment with standard components just doesn't work.
"This [board and low-cost PC] won't only mean that schools will be able to afford more computers, it will also enable people in emerging economies getting into business for the first time, give them an advantage."
The Intel Desktop Board D201GLY solution is designed for ultra-small form factor PCs – less than 7-inches by 7-inches. The desktop board requires less than 27 watts of power, a saving of more than 50 watts versus competing solutions.
The combination of small form factor, low power requirements and quiet operation makes the board ideal for home or classroom use.
Integrated audio and 10/100Mbps LAN controllers enable Internet connectivity such as e-mail, VoIP, web browsing and instant messaging.
"Intel has taken an innovative approach to pushing down the price of a full-featured, attractive PC solution for the sub-entry market," says Tom Rampone, vice-president: sales & marketing group and GM for Channel Platforms Group at Intel.
"We see huge potential for this solution in the basic computing, education and emerging market segments."