Sony will be first to market with the fourth-generation LTO Ultium4 data cartridge, and will have product available within the next couple of weeks. 

The LTO TPC (Technology Provider Companies) yesterday awarded Sony with a qualification and approval to manufacture and sell LTO Ultrium4 and it is set to is set to launch into the market as early as the beginning of May.
The TPC technology consortium companies are Hewlett Packard, IBM and Quantum.
Having received this qualification, Sony LTO Ultrium4 format is aimed at supporting the ever increasing storage capacity requirements, holding 800Gb (native) and 1,6Tb (compressed) of data on one cartridge. Users don't need to compromise performance with the higher capacity, as LTO Ultrium4 brings data transfer rates of 120Mbps (native) and 240Mbps (compressed).
LTO4 achieves massive storage capacity by increasing recording tracks (from 704 in LTO 3 to 896 in ) by utilising a thinner and longer length tape.
LTO4 is manufactured with a newly developed fine magnetic particles and a higher thermal stability binder. In order to maximize performance, an improved dispersing technology for the finer magnetic particles was introduced.
The technology also adopts a newly developed thin-layer coating technology and a smoother surface coating process. This allows the LTO4 cartridge to have a low error rate and stable output under various operating conditions.
LTO4 stable magnetic servo signal writing technology and newly-developed high-rigid and high-accuracy cartridge molding technology, offers the higher reliability required by data backup systems by achieving stable write/read characteristics.
“ With increasing demand for high-performance server and mainframe, data cartridge with high recording capacity is required for data backup solution. To respond to these market needs, we introduce LTO Ultrium4 data cartridge, which doubles the storage capacity previously achieved by LTO Ultrium 3 tape. This new data cartridge is a welcome addition to our current line-up.” says Yoshiaki Takigawa, GM of Professional & Storage Media Department.
Sony will also introduce the write once LTO Ultrium 4 WORM data cartridge, used to prevent data erasure and alteration, later this year.
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