A UN conference on climate change, held this week in Bangkok, will help to shape the world's efforts to prevent irreparable global warming without impacting the economy. 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will release a report today that warns the world doesn't have much time to waste if it's to prevent temperatures from rising 3,6 degrees.
Earlier reports showed the earth was already warming and could expect consequences ranging from drought and flooding to storms and increased disease.
Today's report is expected to reveal that the tools to reduce carbon emissions already exist in the form of renewable energy, nuclear power, biofuels and reforestation.
However, governments and environmental groups alike will probably take umbrage to recommendations.
Green groups have already come out against many of the recommendations, saying they cost too much or simply delay an inevitable weaning from fossil fuels. Nuclear energy also raise red flags.
Governments, meanwhile, will probably object to taxes and caps on carbon emissions as well as any references to the Kyoto Protocol.