Rumours that IBM was setting up to lay off 150 000 employees in a project dubbed LEAN have been ridiculed worldwide, with one analyst describing them as "hogwash".

In his column on the PBS website, anonymous columnist Robert X. Cringley, says that the lay-offs would mainly affect IBM's Global Services and that the jobs would be outsourced – mainly to China and India.
But an analyst with Annex Research, Bob Djurdjevic, told Networkworld that while IBM may trim a 1 000 jobs here and there, the prospect of 150 000 Big Bluers losing their jobs was a bit far-fetched.
"They may trim 1 000 jobs here and there, but there's no way they would lay off 150 000," Djurbjevic says. "There's no business reason for IBM to do that. IBM's business is doing well. They may be trimming here and there, but certainly not to that extent. It's hogwash and whoever is saying that should find themselves another job."
It's also poionted out that 150 000 employees equate to the total workforce of IBM's US operations, including its headquarters.
Unfortunately, the rumour seemed to gain credence due to IBM remaining silent on the matter. But a US spokesman said it was not the company's policy to "comment on rumour."
In days of yore, no comment from IBM's local office was usually an indicator that there was a shred of truth in a rumour. Yesterday, a local spokesperson maintained that tradition with a firm "no comment", adding that the lay-offs wouldn't affect South Africa anyway "because of its solid performances" in the local market.