Three reporters have decided to sue HP for invasion of privacy after the company spied on them in an attempt to uncover boardroom leaks.

The New York Times says the decision by Dawn Kawamoto, Tom Krazit and Stephen Shankland comes after months of negotiations with HP to discuss settling the sordid affair, which earlier this year resulted in the resignation of HP chairman Patricia Dunn and two corporate lawyers.
Last month during one settlement discussion, which involved four other reporters who were also tracked by HP private investigators, journalists requested amounts equal to several million dollars each, the Times says. HP, apparently offered a sum closer to $10 000 per reporter.
"The discussions have not been fruitful to date, and we hope to resolve this without litigation," says Terry Gross, an attorney representing Times reporter John Markoff, his employer and three reporters from BusinessWeek. HP has also admitted to spying on two reporters from the Wall Street Journal. Both the Journal and its two reporters have decided to forgo legal action, as has BusinessWeek.