If Mae West was around today she'd be, well, confused.

Many may remember the blonde bombshell's famous one-liner: "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?". Chances are, if she was accosted in a similar situation today, the giveaway bulge would probably turn out to be a cellphone. And with minituarisation the order of the day, she'd probably also be disappointed.
According to a new survey by Nokia conducted to determine where people carry their cellphone and why, 60% of men carry their mobile phone in their trouser pockets – most of them "dressing right" because that's their dominant hand.
And, predictably, 61% of women surveyed carry their cellphones in their handbags. "Of course they do," said the better-half, "where else are they supposed to carry them?" I thought twice before declining to reply.
The problem, though, is that 30% of pocket carriers and 50% of bag carriers sometimes or always miss incoming mobile phone communication – either because it's not noticed, or because the phone can't be retrieved in time to take the call.
By the way … that nifty little belt pouch you're so adept at snapping open and shut like Billy the Kid playing with his holster? Could be a clear indication of an ageing Casanova, apparently.
The survey says that the use of belt pouches amongst males gradually becomes more popular "as respondents become older".
"Perhaps this reflects a preference for convenience over elegance – belt pouches are still largely perceived as being utilitarian and inelegant," the survey says. "This shift can also be explained be an increase in waist sizes over time which, for males, makes pockets a less feasible destination."