Intel SA has formally unveiled its new mobile plaform, formerly codenamed Santa Rosa, which boasts a wealth of security, management and speed benefits. 


The consumer market will be addressed by the Centrino Duo technology, while the corporate space is covered by the Centrino Pro.
Joubert de Lange, marketing development manager at Intel, points out that mobile computers already account for about 40% of all PCs, and their penetration will be well over 50% by 2010.
"There is no doubt that there is a big shift to mobility taking place," he says.
The Centrino Pro platform includes a number of different elements: the Intel Core 2 Duo processor; wireless networking; the 965 GM chipset; Active Management Technology; and Intel Turbo Memory.
The last two elements are what sets the platform aside for its predecessor and also add much of the value that end user customers will find in the new platform.
A cornerstone of the new Centrino Pro platform is the ability for companies to manage both their VPro desktops and Centrino Pro notebooks from the same management console.
Importantly, this can be accomplished whether notebooks are plugged into the wired LAN or accessing a wireless network.
Intel Turbo Memory uses NAND technology to provide application load and run-time up to twice as fast as current systems. It also allows a 20% faster boot time.
Wireless networking is based on the IEEE 802.11n standard, which offers five times the data transfer speed at up to twice the distance.
The Intel Core 2 Duo processor with Intel Virtualization Technology baosts 4Mb L2 cache and 800MHz front-sdie bus in an energy-efficient design.
The Mobile Intel 965GM/PM chipset offers better graphics, more bandwidth, better digital display, significant video enhancements and data protection.