Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software solutions provider, Post Vision Technology, has appointed black-owned and -managed management consulting company, PM Focus Consulting, as an implementation and consulting partner. 

The partnership enables PM Focus Consulting to distribute, implement and provide training on Post Vision’s Project Portfolio Office (PPO) offering, a web-based, enterprise capable application designed, developed and supported in South Africa to assist organisations of all sizes and in any industry to manage projects and project portfolios.
According to Jack Mazwi, managing director of PM Focus Consulting, for the past four years, the company has focused on providing local clients with project management services, helping them to define the project management environment, through services such as performance assessments for project management and strategic value assessments of projects.
“Prior to our agreement with Post Vision, PM Focus’ role was more of an advisory one in terms of the actual installation of project management tools. After evaluating the various project management solutions available in the marketplace, it was clear that PPO was the best available and we made a strategic decision to align ourselves with Post Vision. PPO has allowed us to round out our project management services by enabling us to provide clients with an end-to-end project management offering, which now includes the implementation of the PPO tool.”
Mazwi maintains that the local market has responded very positively to PPO.
“As a locally developed technology, it is much easier for customers’ recommendations to be incorporated into PPO, providing an offering that can be customised to meet each client’s specific needs. It also means that PPO is not costed in dollars, as is the case with many other international project management software offerings, making it highly cost effective.
“Customers exposed to other project management tools have found PPO to be easier to use and far more adaptable in comparison,” he continues. “Acceptance of PPO within the government sector has been particularly good, permitting departments to align projects with overall organisational strategy and providing a powerful reporting tool. This is key for any organisation, where it is critical not to look at projects in isolation, but rather in conjunction to other projects and the company’s strategy as a whole.”
PM Focus is also using PPO internally to ensure that they have a complete understanding of the solution. “The support and training provided to PM Focus by Post Vision has been phenomenal,” states Mazwi. “They have also defined a watertight implementation process for partners to follow which is tried and tested and gives them guidance in terms of implementing PPO.”
Guy Jelley, CEO of Post Vision Technology, adds: “PM Focus is the perfect fit as a Post Vision partner, bringing valuable knowledge and resources to the relationship. Appointing a strong partner like PM Focus to handle face-to-face customer relationships enables Post Vision to concentrate on what we do best – the development and fine tuning of the PPO solution.”