For the first time since statistics have been recorded, online sales of clothes in the US have outstripped the sales of computer hardware and software.

USA Today says that a report by the National Retail Federation's indicates that online sales of apparel, accessories and footwear hit $18.3-billion in 2006 compared to a figure of $17.2-billion for computer hardware and software. The group also predicts that 10% of all clothing sales in the US in 2007 will be online.
"Retailers are doing such a great job online that in some cases, it's easier to find and buy clothing on the Web than it is in a store," says's Scott Silverman. expects clothing to dominate the online sales charts again this year with an estimated $22.1-billion in sales. Online sales of computer hardware and software, it says, should be $20.1-billion.
It expects the total online sales market to reach $174.5-billion in 2007, up from $146.5-billion in 2006.