Keeper of all domain names, VeriSign, is to increase the fees it charges to register the world's most popular suffixes – .com and .net.

The annual fee for a domain name ending in .com will be increased by 7% to $6.42 while the .net suffix will cost users an extra 10% at $3.85.
The fees may seem insignificant – especially in the light of customers signing up contracts for 10 years or more – but it is estimated that VeriSign will rake in an additional $29-million per year in revenue from 62-million .com names and more than 9-million .net monickers.
The price increases, says VeriSign, will only apply to new registrations and renewals, and customers will still have the option of signing up for the old fees until 14 October.
Verisign's Tom Galvin says the increases are the first since 1999 and are necessary for the company to keep up with growing online use and security threats. He adds that VeriSign's Domain Name System (DNS) computers are now handling 30-billion queries a day, significantly up from the 1-billion a day they experienced back in 2000. Security threats had increased eight-fold in the same timeframe, he says.
VeriSign's DNS computers list all 266 domain name suffixes, such as .za for South Africa and .biz for businesses, but the fees for these are not expected to be increased in the near future.