One of the world's richest men and co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, has tied the knot with biotech entrepreneur Anne Wojcicki – and there's no truth in the rumour that she'll have to manage the Brin household on his $1 annual salary.

Brin and his fellow Google senior executives – along with Apple's Steve Jobs – are renowned for the fact that they take home only one measly dollar a year in salary from their companies. But with his Google stock, Brin is estimated to be worth about $16.6-billion.
The San Jose Mercury News reports that Brin married Wojcicki in a secret ceremony in the Bahamas earlier this month.
They swam out to a sandbar while most of the 60 guests travelled to the wedding site by boat, according to the newspaper. The couple were married in a traditional Jewish ceremony, with Brin stomping on a glass as a symbol of faith and new beginnings.
Wojcicki's sister, Susan, an early Google employee, rented her Menlo Park garage to Brin and Google co-founder Larry Page in 1998 after they left Stanford University to launch the company. She later introduced the couple to one another.