Data today has a comprehensive service to allow businesses to save money and improve productivity through telephone use monitoring. It does this by identifying and reporting on the areas of poor calling productivity and thus helps companies to reduce the amount of time and money spent on excessive personal and abusive calling. 

Robert Picton, the product manager of Guardian at Dimension Data, says the system allows senior management to get an objective view of the company’s telephone productivity costs.
“Reviewing (Telephone Management System) TMS reports to find evidence of irresponsible personal calling is a problem. This is because TMSs are not designed to automatically recognise personal calls, so identifying telephone productivity is therefore a manual, difficult and inaccurate task.”
According to Picton, some TMS systems try to overcome this by allowing staff to manually input their business and personal calling details. However, this approach is flawed because abusers misrepresent their information and time is wasted with continual updating of the system.
Picton says Guardian is the solution to this problem. It is a unique product developed by Dimension Data that works as a forensic analysis tool with the TMS. It analyses the companies calls and uses pattern matching and profiling technologies to automatically tell if calls are business or personal.
Guardian then provides personal and abuse calling reports, which focus management’s attention on the people that need to be addressed. This frees up business managers from having to spend hours looking at telephone reports and making subjective judgement calls on who might be abusing the office phone.
“By using Guardian, management receives an objective report of any abuse of its telephones.”
Picton estimates that a company can cut its telephone costs by between 10% and 15% if it uses Guardian. “In addition, the company can reap further benefits through soft savings as a result of improved productivity, in the order of 5 times the cost of the actual phone call.”
Another benefit is that Guardian does not violate anyone’s privacy as it is a solution that tracks trends. “The solution is not listening to the calls or to the words; it is simply analysing information that is freely available.”
“The net effect of Guardian is that rather than the business unit manager ignoring his telephone costs or spending his time looking for a problem, the report generated by Guardian directs his attention to the very few people who are the problem.”