Informatica has has been awarded a permanent injunction preventing Business Objects from shipping its data transformation technology in the Business Objects Data Integrator product. 

A court last month denied Business Objects' inequitable conduct defence, which means that Informatica's patents have been affirmed and are enforceable.
Informatica originally filed the suit against Business Objects in July 2002 asserting that the ActaWorks product, now sold by Business Objects as Data Integrator, infringes several Informatica patents including US Patent Nos 6 014 670 and 6 339 775, both titled: Apparatus and Method for Performing Data Transformations in Data Warehousing.  
On 2 April 2007, a court determined that Informatica's patents are valid, that Business Objects wilfully infringed the asserted Informatica patents and awarded damages for past infringement. As a result of the court's latest ruling, Business Objects must remove the infringing code from the Data Integrator product made available for sale.
Informatica's introduction in the late 1990s of componentised transformation objects that offered reusability in data warehouse applications introduced next-generation extract, transform and load (ETL) software products.
As the use of these products has become more widespread and mission-critical in broader data integration applications, in team-based and in distributed development environments, this patented technology has become even more important, says says Earl Fry, CFO at Informatica.
"The ability to create reusable transformations is a critical element of an enterprise-class data integration solution, and their use and reuse across multiple projects is a key driver of cost efficiencies and productivity. Therefore, we are pleased with this most recent ruling and the affirmation it provides for Informatica's ability to innovate."