A new Internet could begin construction as early as 2010, with news that a company has been officially appointed to oversee its redesign. 

BBN Technologies, which was involved in the initial Internet construction, has been awarded a four-year contract, worth $10-million, to oversee planning and design of the Global Environment for Network Innovations (Geni).
Geni is being touted as a "clean slate" to Internet design that will address many of the issues rampant in the current version, including security and mobility.
The National Science Foundation (NSF) is spearheading the Internet rebirth initiative and hopes Geni will allow researchers to test new ideas without damaging the existing network.
Actual construction of Geni could begin as early as 2010, at a cost of about $350-million.
A new Internet would run in parallel with the existing one, with people migrating over time.