Lenovo and IBM have expanded their global alliance to jointly deliver integrated technology solutions. 

Under the terms of the agreement IBM will market and sell Lenovo PCs through IBM Global Services, including its strategic outsourcing deals.
Lenovo, through IBM, will collaboratively sell its products to customers under the name “Delivered by IBM”.
Technical support will be provided via IBM Technical Support Centres.
Industry solutions sold through IBM Global Services, Lenovo and Business Partners will combine Lenovo PCs with a core group of IBM hardware and software, independent software partner applications, and infrastructure access services from IBM’s middleware services, end user services, and maintenance and technical support service units.
Service products from IBM offer support and optimisation for an entire end user environment, including platforms, devices and end user experience, allowing users to better utilize the benefits of Lenovo-specific tools, such as ThinkVantage Technologies and Lenovo Care productivity tools.
The expanded relationship will help IBM capture a larger piece of the small business and consumer markets.
Lenovo has introduced its new transaction model in Germany, Hong Kong and India, and will continue its rollout globally throughout the year. IBM and Lenovo will establish a joint innovation team focused on generating innovative solutions that deliver sustained business value for small businesses and enterprises alike.
“This is a significant evolution in our global strategic alliance with IBM,” says Rory Read, senior vice-president of operations, Lenovo. “We are committed to bringing the quality and reliability of our core ThinkPad and ThinkCentre technologies to enterprises and SMBs around the globe. Through this agreement, customers will now have the opportunity to include the purchase of Lenovo’s best engineered PCs within the context of their overall technology solutions.”