Could US judges be having second thoughts about the conviction of substitute teacher Julie Amero? Amero faces up to 40 years in jail for exposing school children to pornographics images on a classroom computer she says had gone into a loop – but sentencing in the case has been postponed for the fourth time, to 6 June. 

Following the conviction in January, computer experts stepped to demonstrate that Amero could have been the victim of adware running on an unprotected computer. There has also been criticism leveled at the trial process, which found Amero guilt on four charges of risk of injury to a minor.
Without explanation from prosecution or defense, the case was continued to 6 June. Early postponements were reuested by the defence (once) and twice later by the state. At the last postponement it was indicated that the defense had raised previously-undisclosed issues which were being considered by the state.
On 19 October 2004, Amero apparently visited a hairstyle site, which launched a loop of pornographic images. Prosecutors say she visited a porn site, which set the loop in motion.
During testimony, Amero admitted the pornography appeared on her computer, but said she had blocked the computer screen to prevent children from seeing the images.