TeleMasters has saved its customers R8-million in telecoms costs during the month of April, using least cost routing technologies. The company recently listed on the JSE’s AltX . 

Mario Pretorius, CEO of TeleMasters, believes that telecoms is a downward spiralling cost and plans to take advantage of what he terms the “telecoms revolution”.
“The telecoms industry is fast-paced and dynamic, with technological advances launching constantly. A figure of  R8-million across the board in savings stands TeleMasters in good stead to stay ahead of the game and continue to provide our customers with the most innovative and cost effective solutions."
TeleMasters operates according to a system of a savings guarantee and savings cheque. Pretorius explains: “We offer customers guaranteed savings over a time period of two consecutive months. If the promised savings do not come to fruition, TeleMasters will remove the system, at no cost to the customer, and without incurring any penalties”.
The savings cheque is a mechanism which allows customers to monitor exactly how much money is being saved through the use of the TeleMasters system, Connect Direct. Each monthly report is presented with the savings cheque at the end.
“In this way, customers are able to see the exact amount they are saving on their telecoms expenditure – which translates into cash back into their pockets”, says Pretorius.
TeleMasters has been in operation for the past nine years.