It's been a boom year for South Africa's largest mobile network operator, Vodacom, which announced today that it has increased revenues by 20.9% to R41.1-billion, and raised its total number of customers by 28.2% to 30.2-million.

Vodacom's year-end results are only due to be presented tomorrow, but CEO Alan Knott-Craig has pre-empted this with specific highlights due to 50% stakeholder, UK-based Vodafone, announcing its results today.
"As this presentation will include strategic financial information about the Vodacom Group, we have repeated this information in our own press release to ensure clarity," Knott-Craig says.
Some other highlights of Vodacom's performance disclosed by Knott-Craig include:
* Profit from operations increased by 22.5% to R10.9-billion;
* EBITDA increased by 20.5% to R14.2-billion; and
* Cash generated from operations increased by 25% to R13.9-billion.
"A detailed analysis of the Vodacom Group’s operations and indicators for each of the five countries in which we do business will be released at our annual results presentation tomorrow," Knott-Craig says.