This week is Child Protection Week in South Africa, and it's a good time for parents to get to grips with the fact that their children could be visiting places on the Internet that are simply not safe or relevant. 

Symantec is using the opportunity to address the needs of today's digital family and, in particular, try to narrow the gap between parents who may not be familiar with the Internet and their cyber-savvy children.
“We want to make sure every consumer – especially the millions of digital families who depend on technologies for their day-to-day lives – to be confident on the Internet,” says Premlan Padayachi, consumer country manager at Symantec Africa.
To help parents educate their children about cyber safety, Symantec has launched the Family Resource Web site (, which includes tips, resources and information on the following topics:
* How to protect you and your family – Offers advice around topics such as MySpace, YouTube and other social networking sites; cyber ethics; privacy; safe surfing; instant messaging and online games.
* Talking to your kids – Offers a checklist of what Internet safety topics to discuss with kids, whether they are elementary school age, tweens or teens.
*  Resources for Parents – Arms parents with the latest news, reports and information on safe surfing and searching, including a monthly security report; practical advice for recovering from financial identity theft; tips for protecting against phishing; and the latest news on viruses, threats and other attacks.